The theory of Chiropractic is composed of the following key principles.

Joint restriction

A restriction is a joint that does not move correctly or is “out of alignment”. This affects the muscles, nerves, connective tissue and blood supply in the area.

The basic role of the chiropractor is to assess and correct any restrictions found and address any secondary problems that may be present to restore and preserve spinal or joint health.

Chiropractic adjustment

In order to resolve a restriction chiropractors use a technique known as an adjustment or chiropractic spinal manipulative therapy (CSMT). This is small and quick force applied directly to the problematic joint in order to restore normal movement.

Why should my restrictions be treated by a Chiropractor?

Even if your joint restriction is asymptomatic (causing no pain and discomfort) it should still be treated, as abnormal joint movement leads to increased wear and tear in the spine and/or other joints in the body. This can lead to early degeneration which is permanent damage.

Is Chiropractic treatment safe?

Yes! The risk of serious injury is estimated at 1-3 per million individual treatments.

What should I expect after my Chiropractic treatment?

It is normal to feel some post-treatment stiffness after being adjusted. This is not cause for concern and will resolve after a short time. Warming up the area of discomfort and doing stretches as shown to you by your Chiropractor will help to ease the discomfort.