Babies and children get restrictions in the following way:

  • Decreased space in the uterus in the last trimester (due to the baby’s size)
  • The position the baby is in relation to the mother’s pelvis
  • Strain on the baby’s spine during delivery. This happens in both natural deliveries and caesarean-section, although the risk of strain is higher in a caesarean-section or assisted delivery (eg. forceps or vacuum extraction) due to the unnatural force on the baby’s body
  • An extremely quick delivery due to the pressure on the head and spine from the very powerful contractions
  • Birth trauma which may be due to the incorrect positioning of the baby during delivery, especially when the baby’s spine is turned towards the mother’s spine, the baby’s head is tilted backwards or the baby is in a breech position
  • Handling errors including incorrect neck positioning during feeding or incorrect lifting of the baby
  • Small repetitive trauma, or major trauma, to the baby’s spine as occurs when he/she is learning to sit, stand and walk
  • Infectious illness causing coughing or decreased muscle tone
  • Incorrect postural habits