The paediatric conditions that we treat


Although this common condition is not life-threatening, it is very stressful for both babies and their parents. Research has shown Chiropractic to have a 94% success rate in the treatment of colic.

Ear infections with fluid build-up

Dr Margeaux Philips completed her dissertation on Chiropractic treatment of otitis media with effusion and had a success rate of 64% as measured by tympanogram. Chiropractic treatment for ear infections works by improving the function of the tube that drains from the middle ear (Eustachian tube).

Delayed developmental milestones

Any restriction in a baby’s or child’s spine may cause discomfort in certain positions or movements. This may prevent the child from completing milestones on time (eg. Crawling or sitting). The restrictions can also cause abnormal patterns to their movement (eg. walking with 1 foot turned out or leopard crawling).

Breast feeding difficulty

By assessing the baby’s spine it is possible to determine if the difficulty with latching is being caused by the baby’s discomfort in certain positions. This is often due to restricted joints in the neck, which makes turning the head to 1 side difficult or uncomfortable.

Sleep disturbances

Sleep in children may be disturbed by discomfort in the back or the neck the same as it would in adults. When you have a restriction, pain and stiffness will increasing any time that you stay still in one position for a long period of time (as when sleeping).

Growing pains

The commonly occurring “growing pains” experienced in youth are often the pain and discomfort caused by restricted joints and/or muscular spasm.

Birth trauma

As discussed earlier, joints may get restricted in natural births, assisted births and caesarean-sections. The risk of developing a restriction is greater if any unnatural traction or rotary forces are applied during delivery.

Should you be unsure whether a Chiropractor can help with a problem you are experiencing, please contact us on 269-1446 or and we will advise you.