The conditions we treat

Lower Back and Neck Pain

This common and debilitating problem is successfully treated by Chiropractors through adjustments and treatment of the muscles in the area. The treatment is beneficial for people with an acute (new) injury or for those with chronic (long-term) pain.

In the event of involvement of a nerve the Chiropractor can assess whether treatment will be beneficial or if the patient should be referred to another specialist (eg. neurosurgeon).

For those with a chronic problem (eg. pre-existing degeneration of the lumbar spine) treatment can provide relief from the pain even if the condition is irreversible.

Headaches/ Migraines

A common origin of headaches and migraines is the joints and muscles of the neck. When the joints of neck are restricted and the muscles in the region are in spasm they refer pain to the head and can cause severe headaches and migraine-like symptoms. By correcting the joint movement in the area and resolving any muscle spasm the headaches can be controlled.


In the event of whiplash injury it is very important to be assessed and treated by a Chiropractor as soon as possible. Due to the forces that pass through your neck at the time of the incident both the joints the neck and back will require treatment. The joint’s movement will be affected and the muscles will be strained/in spasm requiring soft tissue treatment. An untreated whiplash injury takes longer to heal and often causes problems in the years to come. Whiplash is most effectively treated at the time of the injury!

Sporting Injuries

Your Chiropractor is trained to assess and treat all joints in the body from your hands to your feet. In the case of shoulder and knee problems often extensive treatment of the soft tissue (muscles, ligaments and tendons) is required. Should your Chiropractor feel your injury will require surgery he/she will refer you to the relevant specialist.

Pain down the leg or “Sciatica”

The Sciatic Nerve is the nerve which supplies your lower limb (leg). There are several ways in this nerve can become impinged or “pinched” and cause pain down your leg. There are also other tissues (eg. the piriformis muscle) which may cause a similar pain down your leg which is often mistaken for true sciatica. Your Chiropractor is trained sufficiently to detect the origin of the leg pain and treat it, or if required refer you to a nerve specialist.


During pregnancy (particularly in the 2nd and 3rd trimester) the change of weight distribution in the expectant mother’s body often results in lower back pain and/or pain down the leg. This is due to the increased lordosis (the curve) of your lower back as your stomach and baby grow, and due to a hormone called relaxin which loosens all the ligaments of your pelvis to allow for delivery of your baby. Unfortunately, the relaxin works throughout your body, and relaxes all ligaments including those of your spine adding extra strain on your already compromised lower back.

Although Chiropractic treatment cannot resolve the causes of pain during pregnancy (relaxin and change of weight distribution), your chiropractor can correct the movement of your joints and decrease muscle spasm to keep your pain to a minimum until after the birth.

Chiropractic treatment during pregnancy is safe during pregnancy. Your Chiropractor will adapt the treatment in such a way as to avoid pressure on your stomach and baby.

It is also recommended that mother‘s receive Chiropractic treatment post-partum in order to correct any biomechanical problems that may be present as a result of the pregnancy, as well as to ease the discomfort caused by the new role of being a mom (eg. pain in the upper back from nursing). Should you be planning to have more children it is important to correct the biomechanics of the back and pelvis before you fall pregnant again.

Should you be unsure whether a Chiropractor can help with a problem you are experiencing, please contact us on 269-1446 or and we will advise you.